Wanderscapes is a series of nomadic projects that invite the participants to take a transurban walk and explore new meanings of specific geographic areas.

Through an initial analysis process of the everyday modalities, Wanderscapes collects transmedial insights -maps, photographs, videos, drawings, texts...- and generates connections between institutional, historical and meaningful landmarks in place. With this information, a new narrative of the place is conceived through its descontextualion and the design of walking events in the form of pilgrimage, understood as an extraordinary journey that immerses the participants into an experience beyond their quotidian space and time, where the encounter with place brings common performance situations, shared observations and knowledge exchanges.

Each Wanderscapes´ walking project seeks to facilitate poetic gestures that can inspire other ways of living and thinking about the everyday life in the urban landscapes and to make an artistic reflection, through the awareness of local identity from a global perspective, of the changing world in which we live and move in.

is led by the artist Juanma González.

info (at) wanderscapes (dot) net